Get to know us.

  • Ranch Raised on Grass

    Our cattle are born in pastures and spend all of their lives eating forage. This would include various grasses and forbs that are both improved and native to our Wise County Texas landscape.

  • Supplemented for Great Taste

    Adding supplemental amounts of grains along with a forage based diet adds a depth of flavor you most likely have never tasted. After spending the majority of their lives grazing, we supplement with some grain 30-60 days prior to slaughter for that great taste. 

  • No Added Hormones

    We don't use any added growth hormones in our beef production practices.

  • No Antibiotics

    We take animal health and wellness very seriously. It's both the right thing and in our best interest. We don't sell beef from animals treated with antibiotics. Occasionally we do deem it necessary to use antibiotics to prevent unnecessary pain and prevent death to the animal. In that rare occasion, we market that animal outside of the Wise Pastures program.

  • 100% Traceability

    We keep meticulous records on every animal we raise. We can tell you all about their pedigree, what they've eaten and the pastures they have grazed.

  • Family to Family

    Our families enjoy the beef we produce and we know your family will love it too!

Tom and Pat Woodward

About Us

Wise Pastures is a partnership of families. The Spitzer family and the Woodward families have known each other since the mid 1970's. Their collective ranching and beef cattle experience was a natural fit to join together to form Wise Pastures in 2023.

The Woodward family has been blessed with the privilege of caring for cattle and range land for more than five decades. Tom, Pat and their two sons have been involved in all phases of beef production from cow/calf all the way to steak on the table. Tom served as a cattle specialist for Texas A&M University for a period of years and then he managed one of the 20 top largest commercial cattle ranches in the United States for over 30 years, in addition to the family's own herd of Red Angus. He provided the leadership to an organization that developed a line of beef products for one of the major US food retailers.

The Spitzer family, too, has a long history in the cattle and beef business. Ben and Lauren, along with their son and daughter have a herd of SimAngus cattle in Wise County, Texas. Ben worked for 3 major beef cattle breed associtions and was fortunate to be able to work with cattle producers all across the United States.

It is our great pleasure to provide wholesome products to other families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond. We have passion, training and more importantly experience in caring for both cattle and the land.